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$$$ Need Background Artists for Animation $$$

2013-03-08 00:00:42 by EKublai


My name is Ben Smith and I am a Senior Film Major at Wesleyan University. I am working on a 2D, flash-animated thesis film. Production has been underway on it for months, but I've just entered "crunch-time on it." So I'm seeking last-minute (and paid) help on making sure this film is completed by the April 12th deadline.
Description of the project: Based on a short story I wrote Sophomore year, this film is called "Pearly Whites."
It is a dark comedy about a dentist who steals teeth from his patient in order to implant them into his son, who was born and grew up without teeth.
Here is a rough cut of it on youtube:
This should give you an idea of the style you would be working in. Ideally, you would design specific backgrounds in a similar style and up to the detail standards of the better-looking backgrounds demonstrated in the first two minutes of the movie.
Again, this is a paid position. Please contact me and direct me to your portfolio. If you are interested or have further questions please contact me ASAP. I would like to set up an interview as quickly possible in the hopes that we could start as quickly as possible.
My skype name is beness321
My email is
Benjamin Smith
Wesleyan '13


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2013-03-08 10:19:18

I really enjoyed reading this story in the anthology.

EKublai responds:

The film is quite different from the story you read.


2013-03-08 13:34:02

its hard to tell what sort of style backgrounds are in it, i mean theres one style in most scenes and then there's that super detailed outside scene. April 12th is a pretty aggressive deadline if thats the level of detail youre aiming for?

(Updated ) EKublai responds:

I have quite a few background artists already (7or 8 volunteers). I generally want to save the super-detailed for extreme long shots.

I have conceded that there will be a lack of consistency in the backgrounds, and I'm okay with that since in the context of the student film, it really just adds personality.

And yes... it's super aggressive.