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I finished my film Bump in the Night three months ago and it's now going out to festivals. Yay. I'm basically crying right now on that fact alone. It's been a long journey. It's been awhile since my last post so in short, Bump in the Night is a horror short film about a woman who spends the night alone in a haunted fraternity house and must escape a deadly, very musical kind of party.

Nothing to report on festival notices yet, but I did want to make this post special by posting the official poster here before anywhere else -


You can follow its progress more on the new Amoral Compass Instagram (my company)

Y'all have known me (or missed knowing me) on here as an animator and writer, most importantly as a member of this community. I've seen a lot of people who started here as jerks messing around in school watching cartoons and playing flash games and then go on to do incredible works of art just because they fuckin got the idea that Newgrounds made that shit possible. I was one of those jerks. And now I can say I've taken another step to make sure the world knows what's possible from a kid whose dream was to make something as great as Link's Quest for Ass 2 (high bar, I know)

Can't wait for y'all to see it someday.


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Movie Poster Artist

iu_205328_695600.jpgHey all, my company Amoral Compass has conceptualized a movie poster to the film I directed, Bump in the Night. We’re looking for someone with good typographic and layout sense, and of course all-around photoshop skills. We aren’t ourselves sure if we are looking for a painting or photo manipulation mainly. But we can talk.

What am I looking at: Young woman silhouetted in light as she walks through an opening cut out from a giant Solo Cup (Party culture is a big theme in the film) as a menacing figure hovers above in the shadows. What is really shown completely is the ground where we expect the best place for the title would be.

We want to bring out the thematic doom expressed in this concept. If any change would be needed it would probably be on the side of further stylization to enhance the figure lurking in the shadows. We’ll provide any photo shoots that will go into making the assets.

please send example of your work and rates. Thank you!