Another One!

2007-08-07 12:24:12 by EKublai

Seeing as how many people have positively responded to the second chapter of Wishbone, I think I'm giong to try to have the 3rd one out by Tues August 21st. It's a very enjoyable series to make since I feel that each time I can take you a little bit more into the depths of my character's(doesn't have a name yet) torturous and roller coaster past. If I don't get the next one out by Weds. My apologies, you'll just have to wait until the 2nd thurs after.

Oh and if any of you guys have some suggestions for music (I think I picked pretty good ones last time tho) feel free to pm me with requests. This will probably be the last Wishbone episode for a while, since I really need to devote more time to The Bohemian. It was actually supposed to come out this May but got hugely delayed mainly because of school.


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