Last Chance to Be a Part of Newgrounds History!

2012-07-18 21:31:25 by EKublai

To Donate, Please go HERE!!!!

With only 38 hours to go, The Newgrounds Writing Anthology Kickstarter has already proven the most important point that the project first set out to prove; this website is populated with an ever diversifying pool of creators and the audience to support a fledgling, but nonetheless vibrant writing community. The outpouring of support the users of Newgrounds have shown over the past month has truly been overwhelming. We flew past our initial funding goalpost of $1,000 in three days, which none of us were expecting.

But rather than resting on our laurels and being content, you guys have only driven our ambitions higher. Our new stretch goal of $2,500 represents a commitment to do more than what we thought possible because frankly, it would not be doing our backers justice if we didn't try to make this thing as big an event as it has the potential to be.

So to those of you who have not backed this project yet, I want to make this final case:

There is an audience outside of Newgrounds who would be interested in this project if only we had the money to put the cover in front of their eyes. The term amateur is never a bad label to give to a project that arose purely through the passion and determination of its creators. It gives all forms of entertainment, from animation to music to writing, a human element that delivers a more memorable and worthwhile experience. And this feeling isn't something most people actively look for, but it is sensed innately all the same. This world was built on the work of amateurs, and the same can be said of the projects by collaborating amateurs on the internet. So if you can see where your support of the Newgrounds Writing Anthology could lead it to, I urge you to consider backing us.

Again, we are humbled by all the positive comments everyone has left us in every blog post we used to promote this thing and special thanks to TomFulp and Deathink for supporting us with little to no asking on our part. Getting to encounter people like you is just another one of those welcome yet unexpected blessings for being a part of this great community.

Last Chance to Be a Part of Newgrounds History!


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2012-07-18 21:33:45

C'mon ya'll! We can do this!


2012-07-18 22:01:47

I dont understand what i have to do.

EKublai responds:

Help us reach our stretch goal of $2,500 via our kickstarter campaign. The link is in the first line of the post :D


2012-07-18 23:36:19

I got the hardcover edition because I dig that cover. I don't have enough money to spend more on this sorry. :(


2012-07-19 00:00:02

I just wanted the book. The goals for the secondary goal, are vacuous and enigmatic at best.

EKublai responds:

Not true. Check Xlibris, Lulu, Outskirts, or really any other reputable publisher that boasts both small scale production and a decent distribution network. The basic marketing packages are always around $499-$799, and the jump from there is to $1500 to get promotional access to Amazon and reviews. While the focus is still on the Newgrounds launch of the book, we're weighing the possibility of kicking more in to see if we can't get the book some attention it would otherwise not get.


2012-07-19 01:49:24


EKublai responds:

Well, when you put it that way, how can I say no?


2012-07-19 07:31:32

i only have paypal, gimme paypal email.

EKublai responds:


2012-07-19 09:12:16

That's probably the best explanation of your stretch goal yet.
might I suggest putting the cold hard facts such as these within your next update.


2012-07-19 11:57:24

Glad I saw this post, was gonna miss this.


2012-07-19 23:21:27

I don't have any virtual dollars but I live fairly close to the NG office. Do you accept donations in the for of a sack with a green dollar sign on it?


2012-07-20 05:33:35

Also do you happen to have moneybookers?