NGA almost Sold Out, Storyboard for Pearly Whites, preview

2012-12-04 22:00:30 by EKublai

Hey Everyone,

So A LOT of stuff happening, but not a lot I can reveal at the moment...

There are only five or six copies of the first hardcover printTHE NEWGROUNDS WRITING ANTHOLOGY left on the NG Store. The launch was a rousing success and hopefully as time goes on and we expose the anthology to broader audiences, the awareness of the writing community here on Newgrounds will increase. I'm seeing new faces on the Writing Forum all the time.

Now this IS exciting. Mostly for me, but for those who are also interested in the $10,000 prize challenge Tom offered back in 2008, it's gotten to be about that time that this community needs to show up or shut up.

My next project (and my University Film Thesis) won't be showing up on Newgrounds anytime soon but it STILL has its Newgrounds connection in the Newgrounds Writing Anthology since the film is based on my short story "Pearly Whites." Hopefully, it will win some University awards and encourage me to get it into some film festivals. But that's a long way off. The point is that due to these potential destinations for the finished film, I can't offer it on the internet just yet.

But what I can offer for those interested is a first-pass (more like an animatic) of the Prologue. HERE! This will essentially look like crap until January.

And then the storyboard for the rest of the film. HERE!

Sorry no dialogue included.

See you around,



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2012-12-04 23:06:32

Congratulations on the anthologies success, hopefully this too will become a tradition.