Drunk Boys Chapter 5: Now We're Talking

2014-05-03 20:55:53 by EKublai

Me: Hello, Everybody!
Everyone: Hello, Ben.
Me: I just wanted to let you all know that Chapter 5 of The Drunk Boys is now available to read. Are we all caught up?
Everyone: Buh....mehhhh...ummm....errrr
Me: That's okay! These chapters are written so you can finish them on a single commute!
Everyone: Oh... I'll read it, then.
Me: And don't forget to vote.
Everyone: I would never dream of it.
Me: You all do that unison thing very well. It's quite disconcerting.

In this chapter, (possibly because the author has been watching a lot of Hannibal lately) Chandler meets with his analyst and talks about Cameron, the guy who he stabbed (in self-defense) and pee'd on (self-defense?). 

Things get ominous in Chapter 5: Now We're Talking


Thank you everyone who has been reading so far. I'm actually getting these out a bit faster than I thought I would, and it's probably because I can actually see that people are enjoying themselves. There is currently no in-app feedback system, so feel free to comment on The Drunk Boys on this post or just drop me a pm. And of course go VOTE!

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