5 hours to vote on the Drunk Boys Chapter 7

2014-06-23 19:21:27 by EKublai

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Are you a father? Do you want to be a father someday? Are you not a father, have a desire to be a father, and just so happened to have found a newborn abandoned under a bridge.

What do you do?


You take care of the baby, of course.

So goes this chapter of The Drunk Boys: His Girl Wilbur.  Choose the fate of poor Wilbur.

Thank you to all who have been reading so far!

Next week will be the end of ACT 1 of this story. (The Goal is 27 chapters by the way) 


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2014-06-24 16:57:14

it turns out the kid's really a midget

EKublai responds:



2014-06-25 06:04:47

I voted for him to invite Juannelle over, and let him help raising the child...
Imma go now to get surprised :l

EKublai responds:

Hmmm... interesting.