2014-07-19 01:57:39 by EKublai

Unfortunately, I've been too busy to prepare anything this year. Specifically, too busy working on the project below.

9 Hours to vote!

Click the image for the jump! or http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/634402

Last time on The Drunk Boys: Chandler Yoning, in an effort to take his mind off his wife cheating on him and leaving him for one of his (former) friends, has decided to raise a baby he found in a pile of trash (those of you who have read thus far know what an interesting story that is).

Saving this newborn girl, Wilbur, has been no easy task. She requires feeding, diapers, and a father WHO IS NOT CONSTANTLY DRUNK OFF HIS ASS!

This week, Chandler comes to a crossroads when it comes to the truth. Is he going to keep his secret, unraveling life a secret? 

YOU CHOOSE!695600_140574939152_drunkboysimage.jpg


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