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EKublai's News

Posted by EKublai - July 13th, 2016

And I will. Soon.


Posted by EKublai - February 10th, 2016

For those of you who don't know me, and none of you do, I'm a very talkative gamer when no is around. I make jokes that, hell, I think are pretty funny. So why not put it on video?

I definitely need some help on making a list of PS4 games to play. Right now, I have the Witcher and Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain and I have the free games with Playstation Plus. I'm really up for anything but would love some curation on good games for streaming.



Posted by EKublai - December 14th, 2015

Knocking on doors, talking politics. Things are looking good for Bernie in Iowa.


I made a sign. People liked it.

Here's a video of the magic flowing. Pretty cute. I got about a dozen more of these kinds of videos of people lining up to take pictures.



Feel the Bern, everyone!

Posted by EKublai - November 28th, 2015


Hey y'all, maybe some of you noticed me among the big list of names on the side of NG's 20th Anniversary Collab page.

You won't directly find me in the mix of this collab, but I'm in there. Go to the stories page of the collab and hit the bookcase. There you can read a short story concocted by a bunch of Newgrounds members. I ended up editing a lot of it. Check out the mini-games section for a fun little quiz that'll test your reading comprehension (I still haven't beaten it yet. lol.)


I just wanted to thank @whirlguy for such a kickass nostalgia piece. It's so nice seeing how much of my formative years was not forgotten by the other members.

Posted by EKublai - November 18th, 2015


Her first novel, "Chasing Shadows" was just selected as a finalist for a prestigious CYGNUS Award! Drop @Krissalus a pm to tell her congratulations! Support NG Writing!

"Unbroken Light" by K.N Salustro

Weird Planets. Weirder inhabitants. A story about a bounty hunter and the Fleet Commander who was supposed to bring her to justice, and now finds himself joining forces.

All you aspiring writers take notes. This is how you release a book in the digital age. She fucking killed itwith a kickstarter campaign.

First of all, let me just say this: I've read both of @Krissalus 's novels (the first two books in a trilogy) and they are balls-to-the-wall awesome space opera adventures. Extremely dark and mature, but immediately accessible and deep. The characters are just awesome. Best book I've read all year.





Posted by EKublai - September 22nd, 2015

Happy Madness Day!!!



While a mere two debates has resulted in two Republican candidates dropping out of the race, the DNC continues to belittle the importance of debates to this democratic process (and disingenuously, fyi, they know exactly how important debates are to democracy and that is why they are belittling them)

This isn't conspiracy theory. This is an opaque attack on the process. 

The democratic debates are October 13 on CNN (Okay, so far so good), November 14th on CBS (Why a weekend? People are out on Saturday nights... No one's going, too...), December 19th (The WEEKEND between Hannukah and Christmas? Wait, that decision couldn't possibly have been made in good conscience), January 17th (Another weekend?!?!? AND WHY ON A SUNDAY!?!? THE FREAKING NFL PLAYOFFS ARE ON!!!!), 

Is the Democrat Primary Debate Schedule rigged in order to crown a particular candidate? It's a reasonable question that turns into a ridiculous question when you consider these factors.
It isn't just the sheer dearth of sorely needed debates, it is the systemic information suppression at work here. The fact is, is that both party committees love it when the voter turnout is low. That means millions of less votes are at stake, and millions less need convincing.

The debates are inexplicably scheduled on weekends (the lowest tv ratings blocks as opposed to Weeknight primetime). Why? It does not take a genius to see why. It takes someone completely manipulated to see why not.

This is a clear effort to suppress democracy in the party by Howard Dean and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and, sorry to my friends, but I will not stop bringing it up until it's set right.

Posted by EKublai - September 17th, 2015

Click here for the campaign page

Newgrounds animator, writer, and all around tremendous talent @KrisSalus has launched a kickstarter for her second novel. It's a Sci-fi novel set in the far-future, about a galactic government facing off against an old foe, and the bounty hunter on a quest to settle a blood debt.  I've read both this novel and the prequel, and it's absolutely balls-out awesome. There's a bit of a Mass-Effect vibe for sure, but that might just be because the writing is soooo solid. Just check out the trailer, which features music by NGer @nicholascabraja .


So please support K.N. Salustro if you dig what she's doing here on Newgrounds and in other areas. Apparently, it's just five bucks for BOTH books on e-book or $25 for them in signed paperback and a bunch of other goodies, which ain't bad at all (The Newgrounds Writing Anthology went for $20, lol I totes robbed you fwells)





Posted by EKublai - September 11th, 2015

Chapter 18 of the Drunk Boys is LIVE. You know the link. Zhu li, do the thing. VOTE!

After a fierce battle, you guys eventually decided that Chandler should not lie to the cops (How NOBLE of you!). Unfortunately, this means Chandler has no chance of keeping baby Wilbur in his possession.

But for telling the truth, as a reward, you get a peak into some heavy plot and back story. I'm hoping that you guys start getting that tingly sense on the back of your neck that whispers, "Wait... Something IS going on here." Not yet, but we're close.

Again, thank you to all who have been voting. I'm sorry that my chapters are not all too frequent, but I really do try to have them be the best first drafts they can be. Haven't gotten much personal feedback yet so hopefully that means you're enjoying this hectic tale.

Hmmm, what to do about an image this week. Oh!



Posted by EKublai - August 20th, 2015

And flushing them down the turdlet.

Unfortunately, my unrelenting portrayal of man on a cross in the soon-released horror movie Sinister 2 was not enough to elevate the story and script of the pagan boogeyman Baghuul.


6% on Rottentomatoes as of this post which is... okay? Chime in below!

Posted by EKublai - August 3rd, 2015

Y'all know how I'm all apout quests. But you all know that I'm also all about @KrisSalus and DragonsbyKris.

 It's her Two Year Anniversary and she's holding a giveaway promotion. It's so easy to win.

Win this little blue dragon sculpture! Free to enter and free to win! She covers the shipping herself so it tots is for freezle!

Pretty much the same rules as last time:
1) Liking the page counts as an entry. Already Liked? Already entered! Counts as one ticket in the drawing raffle for the sculpture.
2) Share this post on Facebook. That counts as another THREE tickets!
3) NG Referral: If one of your friends Likes the page, they can comment on this post and mention you as a referral, and that will get you both an additional ticket.

Giveaway runs today, August 3, 2015 through Friday, August 15, 2015 at 11:59 PM EDT. Winners will be drawn on the 17th, and rewards will be shipped out on or around the 26th. She needs time to make the wyvern beanie reward for the Tumblr giveaway winner and would like to mail both rewards out at once, so there's a small delay this time. Speaking of Tumblr, though, there's another giveaway happening simultaneously over there, so go check it out and enter if you'd like!

Thanks for celebrating 2 years of Dragons by Kris!! Good luck to all participants!!!