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Not as good as interactive buddy, but there are some things that are cool.

This could change everything

Evil-Dog responds:


This is so much better than the game its a tribute to.

I remember...

when I ripped off this idea.
Good times, good times.


Bueno trata, pero debe ser más largo. También, es realmente fácil de estafar porque acabo de ir alrededor de la película. Agregue una pared en el lado derecha de la pantalla tan personas no pueden estafar.

Sorry I speak english, not spanish. I used an internet translator.

Stiff69 responds:

Good this it is a response worth listening friend is a good response

Good potential

This game has great potential, but as with most arcade games it suffers from a goalless syndrome. What am I riding for. The controls are very hard to use for little to know rewards, it would be great if you could put some gun powers in there with enemies or obstacles, coins/trophies etc. and definitely some rest periods shere you needn't think about falling to your doom. Otherwise, the concept is great and I already love the trippy feeling I get from it. Maybe put it an interesting background and make the tiles glow on contact. Good physics tho they take some getting used to. Hopefullly this makes it through.

hey there's potential

It terms of original concept, this gets pretty high marks, I really think you should take the changing color background idea and advance it, make it more complicated. This could be a killer progression game if you added some cool effects like maybe if you could find someone who could do a fun house mirror sort of thing. There should also be levels. some better graphics to make it your own would be good to insure that no one (including me) steals this idea and runs with it.

well as you said it's a dress up game

It's okay, at least you settled for drawing your own clothing rather than modding pictures like some of the talentless hacks on this site. But again, when I look at a dress up game, I already know what I'm going to see. There's never really any variation. You don't even have to go as far as Dress My Babe did, you just need to make yourself stand out from the crowd with somthing original. I would've like to see more animated accesories since you did the wings pretty well, and teh backgrounds were a bit boring. But seriously the dress up game really needs something original so that you don't have to worry whether it'll be blammed or not. The only original thing here is the music, not going with the techno, good choice. I like the theme overall.

Mercenary81 responds:

People actually just mod pictures? Wow, no wonder everyone hates dress up games so much. Not only are they unoriginal, but they are bad most of the time too.
But if you look at my other two submissions, theyre...pretty awful. So im pretty proud of this one.
But hey, I see you gave a six out of ten which I guess means you didnt -hate- it. So, thanks I guess :)

i like the game

but seriously man, insult the kid, not the race.

Dare I say it

Rina-Chan > Keyra

MessYouUpMac responds:

Oh dear!

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